French Polynesia is pleased to welcome you to the 10th CIPAM & Cos (International Symposium of Aromatic, Medicinal and Cosmetopic Plants) in Tahiti 

on November 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2018.

France occupies a unique place thanks to its ultramarine territories with 80% of its biodiversity overseas.

There are more than 3480 vascular plants and 380 vertebrates that are found nowhere else as endemic species of French overseas territories.

Conscious of this common stake of valorization of the biodiversity, the regions and territories of French Overseas undertook to organize in turn every 2 years the CIPAM (International Symposium on Aromatic and Medicinal Plants), established since the year 2000 as the rendezvous of ultramarine meeting to take stock of the unifying theme of aromatic and medicinal plants. 

Over the years, thanks to the dynamism and increased attractiveness, CIPAM has gained international prominence through the participation of several countries bordering the organizing region and participants from all over the world.

One of the objectives of this event is to promote and enhance the MAP. One of their spearheads was the registration of medicinal plants in the French pharmacopoeia at AFSAPS (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products), thus offering recognition of their traditional medicine.

Thus the overseas departments have been particularly active in this objective and have led to the registration of more than a little more than 70 plants. 

Preserving and enhancing the exceptional biodiversity of French overseas territories associated with traditional knowledge are the common objectives of all OM.

Organisateur du CIPAM & Cos

President of the Organization Committee

Jean-Paul PEILLEX : president@tahitifaahotu.pf

Tahiti Fa'ahotuis an association bringing together all the research organizations in French Polynesia and socio-economic actors from different fields (including more than 60 members) constituted as "clusters of companies" for the animation and the promotion of research and development activities in various areas of Polynesian natural resources. It brings together the scientific and economic communities of French Polynesia, including those directly involved in the field of "PAM & Cos". It is by playing this unifying role that the association "Tahiti Fa'ahotu" is committed to bring the organization of CIPAM 10 with its members and institutional partners State / Country public and private

President of the Scientific Committee

Phil RAHARIVELOMANANA :  phila.raharivelomanana@upf.pf

Tahiti fa'ahotu operational cell

Lina HUAN :  tahitifaahotu.innovation@gmail.com

 Bernard COSTA : bcosta@tahitifaahotu.pf


Franck BERTHO : appstahiti@gmail.com