Scientific Committee


President of the Scientific Committee

Professor in University Chemistry at the University of French Polynesia, and researcher on "Natural Products" working on tropical plants (especially Pacific and Polynesia). Among the pioneers of this field in French Polynesia, his research themes include: phytochemistry of aromatic plants, for medicinal and cosmetic purposes, plant uses (pharmacopoeia and cosmetopoeia), chemodiversity and the enhancement of biodiversity. She has directed and supervised more than a dozen theses, and published several reference articles on the phytochemistry and uses of Polynesian and Pacific plants.

Dr. Jean-Yves Hiro MEYER

Research Officer and Research Delegate. Terrestrial ecologist, botanist and conservation biologist working in French Polynesia and other Indo-Pacific islands (Cook, Hawaii, Reunion Island, Rapa Nui, Wallis and Futuna) more than 25 years, he runs programs the conservation of threatened species and habitat restoration. Member of several national and international networks, he is also coordinator of a teaching unit on the sciences of conservation and biological invasions for the Master 2 "Ocean Island Environment" of the University of French Polynesia since 2013, and supervises or co-supervises Bachelor's, Master's, PhD and post-doctoral students.

Dr. Henry JOSEPH,

Dr. in Pharmacy, Holder of a D.E.A of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (chemistry and agronomy) and also Doctor in Pharmacognosy. Henry JOSEPH is a founding member of the TRAMIL Caribbean Network (TRAditional Medicine for the IsLands,, which brings together 30 countries and 200 researchers on traditional medicine in the islands; founding member and former president of Aplamedarom Guadeloupe, he is at the origin of the concept of CIPAM with APLAMEDOM Réunion. He is also a member of the Scientific Council of the Guadeloupe National Park, author of about twenty scientific publications and three patents.

Dr. Bernard COSTA,

Operational Unit Tahiti Fa'ahotu Innovation Center: R & D and Innovation Project Development. President SAS Pacific Biotech. Since 2006, President and founder of PACIFIC BIOTECH (establishment and operation of a bank of Polynesian marine microorganisms with high biotechnological potential); from 2009 to 2012 Founding President of the Tahiti Fa'ahotu Innovation Center; from 2002 to 2009 Founder and Director of the company TAHITI ARÔMES (production of essential oils and plant extracts used in high-end perfumery and cosmetics).

Dr. Emmanuelle GINDRE,

Doctor in private law and criminal sciences, Lecturer at the University of French Polynesia. In addition to teaching environmental law at the UPF, and more specifically Polynesian law, I devote part of my research to the criminal law of the environment as well as to the regulatory aspect of natural resources development. and associated traditional knowledge (APA device, fight against biopiracy, repressive aspects ...).


Responsible for the Research and Development Laboratory of Vanille de Tahiti Establishment based in Raiatea, French Polynesia. After working on the genetic diversity of coffee (IRD) genomics of the potato (INRA) and the search for genes related to human diseases in mice (CNG), she joined the Etablissement Vanille de Tahiti in 2003. His research focuses on the characterization and conservation of Polynesian vanilla as well as the selection and creation of new varieties.

Prof. Chantal MENUT,

Doctorate of State of Chemistry, Professor Exceptional Class at the University of Montpellier, Head of the Professional Master ICAP "Aromas and Fragrances" at the Faculty of Sciences of Montpellier. Specialization in Chemistry of Natural Products and Essential Oils of Aromatic Plants of Tropical Origin: chemotaxonomy, biodiversity, biological activities and organoleptic properties. Molecules with high odorous potential: characterization and formulation for applications in Aromatic or Perfumery. Member of the Standardization Commission T75A at the AFNOR "Commission Essential Oils", Member of the French Pharmacopoeia Committee "Medicinal Plants and Essential Oils" at the ANSM.

Prof. Robert ANTON,

Professor Dr. Emeritus of the University of Strasbourg (France), Robert ANTON is member of the national Academies of Medicine and Pharmacy and past member of the High Council of Public Health at the Ministry of Health in Paris. Specialized in the field of natural products, he was member of a lot of European panels and Committee of experts concerning drugs, cosmetics and food supplements. As example, he was expert at the ANSM (French Agency of Drug Safety), at the European Commission of Pharmacopoeia, but also Chairman at the Public Health Committee at the Council of Europe, at the SCCNFP (Scientific Committee on Cosmetics and Non Food Products) in Brussels and always is expert at EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Dr. Marie FLEURY,

Director of the Antenne of the National Museum of Natural History in Guyana. Doctor in Pharmacy and Ethnobotany. . Author of several books and about sixty articles, she is involved locally in the valorization of traditional know-how through the establishment of a social and solidarity economy circuit via an association law 1901 (GADEPAM created in 2002) bringing together more than 330 artisans throughout Guyana. In 2004, then 2016 she organized with GADEPAM the CIPAM 3 and 9, and participated in the registration of medicinal plants in the French pharmacopoeia. The new challenge is currently the valorization of these medicinal aromatic plants on the territory of Guyana in a social and solidarity approach.

Dr. Bernard WENIGER,

Honorary Lecturer in Pharmacognosy, Expert appointed to the ANSM and ANSES, Dr. in Pharmacy, also PhD and PhD in Ethnopharmacology, collaborated on several projects. research on medicinal plants in the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America. Honorary Lecturer of Pharmacognosy at the University of Strasbourg, he is now an expert appointed to the French Pharmacopoeia Committee "Medicinal Plants and Essential Oils" at the National Agency for Drug Safety and member of the "Nutrivigilance" working groups "and" Plants "on food supplements at the National Agency for Food Safety

Dr. Taivini TEAI,

Senior lecturer in organic and molecular analytical chemistry from the University of French Polynesia, holder of the habilitation to direct PhD research, Taivini TEAI is a member of UMR 241 Ecosystèmes Insulaires Océaniens. He is a member of the "Monoï de Tahiti" Appellation of Origin Commission, author of some 20 scientific publications and three patents.

Dr. Mayalen ZUBIA,

Lecturer at the University of French Polynesia since 2013. Her research focuses on the diversity of the marine flora (macroalgae and cyanobacteria) of the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific. Its research objectives are based on three axes: (I) the structure and function of algal stands in the face of disturbances through functional approaches and integrative taxonomy, (II) algal blooms and their impacts on organisms reef, and (III) the valorization of this biodiversity in different industrial sectors (food, aquaculture, cosmetics, agriculture).

Dr. Maurice WONG,

Agricultural engineer (ENSAIA Nancy) and PhD in agronomy of the INP of Lorraine. He successively held the positions of Head of Department of Agricultural Development of the Department of Rural Development and then Head of Sector ISLV where he implemented the Vanilla Development Plan. From 2003 to 2007, he manages the vanilla research programs at the Raiatea laboratory (Ets Vanille de Tahiti). Currently head of the Research and Development Innovation Unit of the Directorate of Agriculture, he heads the Papara laboratory whose programs on starch-derived genetic resources, plant pathologies, biological pest control and residue analysis. of pesticides in agricultural products.

Dr. Claude MARODON,

Pharmacist. Chief Chemist Pharmacist, Member of the Union of Pharmacists of Reunion, Founding President of Pharmaciens Sans Frontières Indian Ocean, President of the Union of Pharmacists Meeting (1986 to 1998), Founder and co-manager of the Institute of Training of Professions de Santé, Founder and President of the Association for the Promotion of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the Overseas Departments (APLAMEDOM), Member of Med'Océan, Association for Medical Independence, Vice-President Health QUALITROPIC, Competitiveness Cluster, Elected Member of the Order of Pharmacists in Paris, Book "zerbaz Péi", co-author Medicinal Plants of Reunion, Editor of monographs of medicinal plants from Reunion to the French Pharmacopoeia. Participate in CIPAM since 1999.

Dr. Nicolas LEBOUVIER,

PhD in therapeutic chemistry from the University of Nantes. Postdoctoral work on the antimalarial properties of endemic plants from New Caledonia and marine sponges of Vanuatu. At the University of New Caledonia, his research focuses on the structure-activity relationships of secondary metabolites from Pacific tropical island biodiversity organisms, selected on an ethnopharmacological or chemotaxonomic basis in a context of understanding their adaptive role. valorization in pharmacology, nutraceutics and cosmetics. Holder of a habilitation to direct research on the "contribution to the chemistry of natural substances of aromatic and medicinal plants of the South Pacific". Member of the "New Caledonian Pharmacopoeia" working group of the New Caledonian health plan "Do Kamo: Being fulfilled! For the recognition of medicinal plants.

Dr. Roseline DELBLOND

Doctor in pharmacy, President of AVAPLAMMAR (Association for the Valorization of Medicinal Plants of Martinique).