Organizing Committee

Dr. Jean-Paul PEILLEX, 

President of Tahiti Fa'ahotu (TFH), Chairman of the Committee

Lina HUAN, 

Production, realization, communication, institutional relations State / Country TFH operational unit

Dr. Bernard COSTA, 

Scientific and technical expertise of TFH's operational unit

Dr. Jean-Yves MEYER, 

Research delegate from French Polynesia

Dr. Pierre LABROSSE, 

erritorial Delegate Research and Technology (DTRT)


University of French Polynesia

Prof. Phila Raharivelomanana, 

University of French Polynesia

Dr. Taivini TEAI, 

University of French Polynesia

Dr. Franck BERTHO, 

Member of the Board and member of TFH

Dr. Stéphanie SOULET, 

University of French Polynesia

Dr. Raimana HO, ​

University of French Polynesia

Prof. Arnaud DE RAULIN, ​

University of French Polynesia

Dr. Jean-François BUTAUD, 

Botanist Consultant in French Polynesia

Prof. Jean-Claude PIERRIBATTESTI, 

Vice President APLAMEDOM of Reunion

Prof. Mohammed NOUR,

​ P​resident ​de l'​Association ​APPAM​, ​Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

Dr. Christian MORETTI, 

Researcher ex-IRD French Polynesia

Prof. Jean-Charles ROBINSON, 

Researcher University of Guyana

Marie GUSTAVE​, 

President of APLAMEDAROM Association of Guadeloupe

Dr. Philippe MAUNIER, 

Dr. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Director of  "comptoir des plantes polynésienne"

Dr. Olivier TOUBOUL, ​

Laboratoire Cosmétologie de la Pacifique Sud

Philippe COURAUD, ​

Director of the Directorate of Agriculture


Director of the Artistic Center

Hiriata MILLAUD, ​

Head of the Department of Culture and Heritage


Director of the Environment Directorate