Instructions for preparing the summary for Cipam 10

Summary Title in Bold and Centered (Times New Roman 14pt, Centered)

Presenting author to underline1, Second Author2, Third Author1

Times New Roman 12pt, centered

1 First Affiliation with Address, Country, Times New Roman 12pt Italic, Centered

2 Second Affiliation with Address, Country, Times New Roman 12pt Italic, Centered

* Corresponding author's e-mail address: Times New Roman 12pt, centered

Use the template proposed for the preparation of the Summary (cf pdf) which will contain a maximum of 300 words (Oral Communication or Poster) and will respect the format of the proposed model. The text of the abstract will be included in BLACK and WHITE in the "abstract book" directly from this format pdf Submit the summary via the website dedicated to Cipam 10 (website (https: // Online submission system will be open from 23 April 2018. Deadline for submission of Abstracts : September 15, 2018

The submission of an abstract (Oral Communication or Poster) must be accompanied by an inscription (a summary by submission) at the Cipam10 conference. The payment of the registration of the principal author will have to be regularized before September 30, 2018 so that the summary of his communication (Oral or Poster) is included in the final program of Cipam10.

1: The abstract should be written in two versions (English and French) in A4 format (21.0 x 29.7cm) with margins up / down of 2.5 cm and left / right of 2.0 cm. The set must not exceed one page (references included).

2: For the heading (title, name (s) of the author (s) and addresses), follow the instructions above. Leave a blank line (empty) after the title.

3: The main text will be written in Times New Roman 12pt with a single spacing. Leave two (empty) white lines between the header and the main text of the summary. Justify each independent paragraph.

4: Formulas (including chemical structures), equations and figures may be an integral part of the Abstracts, with Times New Roman 11pt captions (do not submit them separately).

5: A small list of bibliographic references may be added (Times New Roman 11pt) in the following format, given as an example.

[1] Martin NJ, Ferreiro SF, Barbault F., Nicolas M., Lecellier G., Paetz C., Gaysinski M., Alonso E., Thomas, LM Botana OP, and Raharivelomanana P., Phytochemistry, 2015, 109: 84-95.

6: Remove this red portion before submitting the abstract.

7: For submission, convert your summary file to Adobe Acrobat PDF format to preserve the formatting of the document (including figures, tables, and photos) to avoid printing problems. Select a "High Quality" version when creating the .PDF file. Be sure to check the final document of your summary before submitting it.

In case of questions or problem, please contact (by e-mail): -